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Cassubia is situated in the very heart of Hel – the town located on the most protruding part of the Hel Peninsula, surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea.

It is enough to talk a walk from the facility to visit all the tourist attractions offered by Hel: the fishing port, the main avenue of the city, the Seal Sanctuary, and the yacht centre with a modern marina. It is a pleasant place for those tourists that adore strolls by the sea. Those looking for active leisure can use the services of the bike rental. For those who like challenges, it is possible to organise high-sea fishing and classes at the shooting range.

The rooms at Cassubia are equipped with washbasins. The facility also has studio rooms with bathrooms.

Diving – Cassubia is a place of good repute among diving freaks. The facility offers the possibility to fill diving cylinders. There is also a room for storing and drying equipment. The equipment of the facility, prepared especially for those who appreciate water sports, make Cassubia stand out from other hotels in Hel.

Stay at Cassubia guarantees relaxation in peace and quiet, away from the urban hustle and bustle. The facility is appreciated by tourists looking for accommodation in Hel.

The facility is pet-friendly!


tel: 26 125 74 69

tel: 693 080 091



Hotel znajduje się na Półwyspie Helskim na przepięknym wybrzeżu Morza Bałtyckiego. Cena jest bardzo atrakcyjna.
poltramp, Kraków

Room facilities

  • TV
  • radio
  • free Wi-Fi
  • hairdryer
  • daily newspappers
  • iron on request


  • bike rental
  • equipment for filling oxygen cylinders
  • room for storing and drying of diving equipment
  • pet-friendly hotel

The layout of rooms

  • 58 double rooms with washbasins
  • 6 studio rooms with bathrooms
  • Total number of rooms: 64
  • Total number of beds: 134

Conference rooms

Cassubia is an ideal site for those who want to organise a small conference meeting. Our Guests may use the Business Room, which is intended for 25 persons. Additionally, next to it, there is a supply room, where you can make tea or coffee.

Conference room, Cinema arrangement, Class arrangement, Horseshoe arrangement, Banquet arrangement.

Conference rooms


Cassubia, Hel

  • ul. Boczna 11
    84-150 Hel
    Pomerania Voivodeship
  • tel: 26 125 74 69
  • tel: 693 080 091
  • fax: : 58 675 74 69

How to get to us?

N - 54.611063
E - 18.799449

from the airport in Gdansk

get on a Route 510 bus, and go to the Railway Station in Gdynia, and then take a train to Hel


from the railway station in Hel

go straight along Dworcowa Street as far as the junction, and then turn left into Boczna Street (about 300 m)

Bus station

from the bus station in Gdynia

access by bus

Tourist attractions

  • Seal Sanctuary in Hel
  • Lighthouse
  • Fisheries Museum
  • Museum of Coastal Defence
  • Water Tram
  • Coaster cruises
  • open-air museum of marine weapons
  • Geophysical Observatory
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  • The width of the Hel Peninsula at its widest point is approximately 3 km.
    Following Poland’s Wedding to the Sea, performed by General Józef Haller in 1920, shelters were built on the Hel Peninsula. In 1930s, Hel’s naval port was created there.
  • The lighthouse located on the Hel Peninsula was built in 1942. It has a height of 41,5 meters, and its light is visible even from a distance of 36 km.
  • Hel is the home of seals!
    Keep in mind that the seals met on the beach or in the sea are at home, and these are the tourists that are guests in their environment! The impatient ones, who do not have time to look out for the animals in the sea, can admire seals in the Seal Sanctuary, which is open throughout the year.
    Hel is one of the most frequented places in the summer period. Water sport enthusiasts can practise windsurfing or kitesurfing, explore the depths of the sea by diving, or take a trip with a water scooter.
  • On the Hel Peninsula, you can visit the Kashubian Inn (Chëcz Kaszubska) – a fishing house from the early 19th century. Currently, it is the seat of the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association, which fosters the Kashubian culture.
  • The town is linked to the legend about the Sunken Hel. In ancient times, the town was famous for amber extraction and catches of the biggest fish, such as salmon and eel. Unfortunately, pride crept into the hearts of the people and they did not shun entertainment, and even began to boast of slavery. Many ships avoided the town. One day, unexpectedly, church bells began to toll, black clouds roaring with thunders appeared in the sky, and the waves reached an incredible height. The town was covered with water. It is said that, until now on cloudy days, fishermen can hear the bells tolling from the sea bottom.



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